Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my booking? »
Simply email with your booking number and advise them of your cancelation.

How do I make a change to my booking? »
Simply email with your booking number along with the requested change.

Are pets allowed at camp? »
No, pets are not allowed on any Scouts Canada property unless otherwise stated. Exceptions to this rule include on-duty service animals and professional demonstrators.

Can I make bookings longer than one week in duration? »
Yes, please contact for assistance.

Are fireworks permitted at the camp? »
No; please contact for further details.

Is alcohol permitted at the camp? »
Please contact for further information.

Are your camps open year round? »
Yes! Although, some sites are available only during certain seasons.

Can I check out the camp at any time? »
No; please contact to arrange your visit.

Do I need to bring first aid equipment? »
Yes; we do encourage you to bring your own first aid pack.

Can we cut down trees for firewood? »
No. Please use only wood found on the ground that is not alive or from designated locations.

Do you charge HST? »
Sometimes; please click here to view our HST guiding document provided by our National office.

Can I send one cheque to cover both SWOCamps and COSC Camps? »
No, please send two separate cheques as the finances for the properties are managed separately. Thank you for your assistance!

Does COSC accept Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit cards? »
No, the COSC office cannot process Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit cards over the telephone.

Contact Information


Phone: (416) 490-6364 x227 (Toronto)
             1 (800) 263-0930 (Toll-Free)

     Scouts Canada COSC
     Attn: SWOCamps
     1711 Simcoe Street North
     Oshawa, Ontario
     L1G 4Y1

Be mindful of where you

source your
firewood from!